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Good Afternoon CSA Families,

We have a wealth of information attached to this newsletter about important events available to your family to support student learning including an engaging STEAM event mentioned in our PTA newsletter.

We also wanted to remind you about our upcoming state assessment beginning next week.  Please see the message below we will be sharing with students.  During this time of year, it’s so important to us that our students know how proud we already are of their accomplishments.  As a team, the best message we can offer to our students is to get out there and try their best– after all showing grit, perseverance, and effort are life skills we all want for our children.


Dear Students,

We are proud of you.  We are proud of the time you take on your PBLs, we are proud of the risks you take in your learning by trying new things, and we are proud to show off your impressive work.  We know you have so many talents and exceptional abilities that we see daily in the classrooms.  We see you demonstrate grit, compassion, curiosity, and an unquenchable thirst for learning.  We see you spend time learning about collaboration, creativity, and real-world problem solving daily in our PBL work.  These important life skills cannot be assessed on PARCC or CMAS.

However, these tests can assess your understanding of literacy, math, social studies and science content.  It is a great opportunity for you to show us all that you’ve learned this year.  You will be exposed to questions that will seem like a breeze to you and you will be exposed to questions that you might not know how to answer.  This is okay!  Through our PBLs your teachers have taught you how to think.  They have taught you how to find evidence in a text and consider all responses before submitting a final answer.  They have taught you perseverance and to continue to try even when faced with challenging situations.  Your teachers and parents have worked so hard day in and day out to prepare you with these life skills.  We know you’ll show these same skills on the upcoming test.  

We want you to know that we care about each of you and encourage you to try even when faced with challenging problems on the test.  That’s all we can ask– try!



It’s time to begin registering for the 2017-2018 school year.  Packets have been sent home with instructions, passwords, and information regarding student fees.  Please call the main office if you have questions.


Important Dates

  • April 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 18th, 19th, 20th- PARCC testing for students in grades 3-8  (attendance is very important during this window!)
  • April 14th- Egg Candy hunt for students in K-2 with HLHS Student council
  • April 19- Early Release
  • April 21st- Student Council Sponsored middle school dance
  • April 27th- Wellness Fair
  • April 28th- Day Without Hate
  • May 1-3 Outdoor Ed for 6th grade students
  • May 9th- Kindergarten information meeting for new students
  • May 12th- Talent Show
  • May 19th- Field day
  • May 25th- Kindergarten continuation and 8th grade continuation
  • May 26th- Last day award assemblies for grades 1-7 and parent volunteer breakfast

As always, thank you for your continued support of CSA!

Brenda Martin

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