The Colorado STEM Academy offers students an extended learning year, which means more time in the classroom with STEM trained faculty. Students will work in technology-centered labs and have one-to-one access to computers, iPads and Chromebooks. CSA also offers after school clubs and organizations.
Why Choose Colorado STEM Academy? This is a school focused on stimulating the growth of young minds. Children attending Colorado STEM Academy will learn the critical thinking and technical skills they will need to compete in a world where many of the jobs of the future have not even been invented.

Colorado STEM Academy offers:

  • Extended learning year
  • Technology-centered STEM labs
  • Outstanding, STEM certified faculty
  • One-to-one technology for students including iPads®,
    Chromebooks®, and computers
  • After school clubs and organizations
  • Collaborative learning environment with other capable students

To learn more, watch the videos below: