Gloria Jones – CEO
Gloria’s passion has always been to bring out the potential locked away inside of people and she travels the country as a speaker to share her experience! This passion and her wealth of experience, successes and many failures, has grown into what we now know as the Colorado STEM Academy. Gloria is guilty of squashing as much as possible into her diary and loves kittens!
John Hillyer – COO
John has a degree in software engineering and is responsible for the day to day operations side of the company. He is the one Gloria goes to whenever she has a meltdown and feels like she wants to throw all her toys out of the cot. John is passionate about getting apostrophes in the correct place as well as playing his guitar as fast as humanly possible! He also loves cats!
Sylvia Gallagher – Training & Development Manager
With a background in sales, marketing, education and training, Sylvia brings her business passion and expertise to support and train businesswomen globally. In her spare time she focuses on her sport and physical development as well as her charitable endeavors.
Sandra Werner – Creative Director
Sandra is an extremely talented creative businesswoman and photographer but is pleasantly distracted with her two little daughters, wonderful husband Jerry and all that they demand of her. All that you see at the Colorado STEM Academy that is pretty, pink and everything creative is done by Sandra (and sometimes even hubby Jerry).