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What Do Studies Have To Say About Gender Entrepreneurship?

It is needless to say that men and women perform differently in almost every field of life, and the legacy continues even when it comes to entrepreneurship. This is a fact that there are more men entrepreneurs out there than there are women, and it has its reasons and studies behind it.

The foremost reason is having different approach of starting a business between men and women as gender-wise speaking, and they have very different mentalities from the beginning itself. While a man believes that he has to be patient for a longer time and accept the slow pace of progress in the beginning days, most women entrepreneurs do not sit back and start building their network from the first day.

Facts And Beliefs About Working Strategies Of Men And Women

According to women’s ideology, to sell your product faster and reach out to more customers, you have to begin with your inner circle and keep working in higher chains to reach more people.

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  • Both men and women are equally likely to take risks for their business.
  • More women hold themselves accountable for any failure, while most men tend to force the blame on other factors initially before accepting it.
  • Male entrepreneurs hesitate in taking help from others and often believe in dominance.
  • More men entrepreneurs are claimed to come up with some exclusive idea while more women entrepreneurs have come up with an upgraded

Tactics of men vs women in running business might also vary once the company is legally established like men owners keep their closed ones on the higher authorities. Women show less nepotism here and believe in distributing these high positions to those who deserve it more. Women can maintain the right balance in personal and business relations, while men often face difficulties here.

Management Of Business During Initial Days Of Establishments

  • Studies state that women employ more staff than men in their own business and look for creativity in their employees while men go for confidence as a quality trait for their employees.
  • Women are claimed to do more in the fewer resources they are provided because of the societal difference they face.

However, the gender gap does not have to decide who will outperform in a business. Thus, both men and women deserve equal opportunities irrespective of what myths and history have to say regarding the numbers of men and women running businesses.